Hiding Behind Faith– The secrets of the Amish

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30 thoughts on “Hiding Behind Faith– The secrets of the Amish

  1. The Amish aren’t really Christians. They are following a religion based on man’s laws cloaked in Bible verses taken out of context. The Bible actually says that the righteous man cares for the needs of his animals Proverbs 12:10. I don’t think God would approve of how they care for their animals or how they care for their own. I think they way they live is blasphemous- just watch Amish Mafia and you can see how contrary they are to what the Bible actually says.

  2. Disgusting.
    I’m in tears again. I respected the Amish people for that they have chozen to live in Gods words, or how do I say that. But this is so cruel, so unnessecary, so not like in Gods way.
    There is nothing wrong in breeding but treat the annimals or other animals the way you like to be treated.
    How is it possible that this is going on and on and on……………………
    just because of money??????????

  3. This is a tragic situation that occurs in all of these communities to make money! Unfortunately, the mental health of these offender’s is transferred to their families! I agree, DO NOT purchase any of the Amish or Mennonite products!

  4. They hide behind faith and use God’s name for their own cruel purposes. I don’t see anything peaceful or loving about them at all. The way they treat their animals is a reflection on how they treat others and their true inhumane characters. Claiming they r Christians
    is a joke.

  5. P.S. It seems that the only thing they truly worship is profit. Profiting from God’s most unconditional loving creatures sent to teach us what true peace and love is.

  6. The greed these people show is not Christian at all , money is motivating them for this kind of devils work sad but true . And why isn’t anything done for the abused sick animals. We all have to abide by the laws, do they not have to ? And Why does this happen over and over there should be steeped fines and then they would get it . Money is the root of all evil and they hide in their religion .And their not better than others who fight dogs too .It;s crime and their criminals for doing this to helpless animals I hope they rot in hell forever too .

  7. I am angered and sickened that they twist the Word of God to justify their greed for money! I’m so happy the day will come when We Will Be Judged For Our Actions, BOTH GOOD AND BAD!

  8. I am willing to sign Petitions, Emails, Donate to end the suffering of these innocent, loving animals and Pray the Day Comes Quickly that No One Will Be Able To Harm & Inflict Pain!

  9. I live in the middle of Lancaster County PA amish country. They are NOT the compassionate forgiving people you read about. Their puppy mills are often protected by our politicians who have alliances with the Dept. of Ag. They drive those horse & buggies in 100 degree weather. They abuse all their animals.

  10. There is no God in the Amish. It is a pretend religion of rules and false pretenses. To expect them to be Godly is over-rated, to be kind to their animals is even more a farce. They are cruel to their own people.
    “The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.”
    Prov 12:10

  11. The Amish are scum. The way they treat their animals is despicable, but that’s what you’d expect from vile, evil people.

    I’m certain Hell is full of them.

  12. By having dominion over animals, I think He meant stewardship & responsibility to care for them, not sacrificing their welfare. What a way for the amish to twist things around 😦

  13. how could you be that heartless and cruel.they these poor babies are creatures of God.how could you be so mean?But don,t forget if you have any heart at all God is watching you what goes around comes around.

  14. We must educate everyone. This particular form of animal abuse is heinous. !! Thank you for posting the truth.

  15. Jane…its not legal to cause the suffering of an animal. Except behind closed doors. This is why we need mandatory spay/neutering NOW and not highly regulated animal abuse. There should be ZERO births of animals condoned while thousands are euthanized in shelters every day, across the globe. Please do not allow the purposeful breeding and sale of pets. There is absolutely no justification for this activity. Anyone who justifies such activity is probably financially $$$ gaining from it. Boycott ALL forms of animal abuse, no matter how socially accepted or ignored they may be. Tell others. Thank you for caring!

  16. There may be a special place in Hell reserved for animal abusers…next to the child abusers, etc., however, we cannot rely on this method of punishment. Instead, PLEASE visit these facilities as often as possible and report ALL the possible, perceived and witnessed cruelties & neglect you see to police, animal control, the dept. of agriculture, Facebook, friends, relatives, neighbors, etc. The animals are counting on you. Please. Thank you!

  17. Adriene, I can tell that you really care. That is wonderful! Please actively discuss this topic of Outright Breeding Cruelties with everyone you know…all your relatives, friends, neighbors, associates, work associates, clerks at stores, managers of pet shops, restaurant workers, postal workers, gas station attendants, etc. Petitions are awesome, but Spreading Knowledge is yet more awesome. 🙂 People need to know, without a doubt, that their dollars make a HUGE difference. Every dime that is spent buying an animal in this industry, supports vile cruelties, neglect, suffering, death. We MUST get state and Other laws changed, to prosecute all forms of animal cruelties. Suffering should not be supported, obviously. So, when you see an animal, always politely ask “Where did you get that animal?” And you will start to really hear the level of insanity that exists.. ALWAYS mention to such people what their money is supporting. Feel free to print out information to distribute, when you learn that someone purchased an animal. It is never OK, and you have my permission to inform others. 😉 We always want to use directness, but politeness and be highly informative and educational. Please, do tell others. Thank you!!!

  18. Makes me sick, how ignorant and cruel, makes my blood boil…why doesn’t authorities do something besides write their names on a piece of paper and let them continue doing it? I really have doubts about these guys…if those are good Christians……

  19. It’s good that you’ve posted this, spreading the word as much as possible. I hate to single out any particular group or contribute to stereotypes, but when there’s so much truth to it… They have a poor reputation within the horse community, too. They’ll breed and use up their horses, neglect their most basic and necessary medical care, then send them to the auction where they’re bought by kill buyers for slaughter houses. The lucky few end up at horse rescues. But the health issues these horses come in with… especially the hoof neglect! It’s horrifying.

  20. i condemn these religous freaks. they hide behind their beliefs which mean nothing. they make it up as they go. hell is waiting for them. we shall see how u explain this to GOD.

  21. God Im sure meant we should look after all animals not use and abuse them. Please stop this cruelty !

  22. As an Insurance on occasion I would have to counsel with clients and adjusters as a result of injury to them by a 3rd party. In this case an Amish family had been hit by a twice previously convicted drunk driver as a result killing onw of the horses drawing their carriage at the scene and the other shortly thereafter. Also killed was a nine day old baby that was ejected from its mother’s arms upon impact. We encouraged the family to appear in court to testify against the driver to ensure his incarceration and to obtain a financial settlement from this clown. The reply? God will give us more babies but we want money for two good horses to replace the ones killed These folks see animals as chattel and they are only good for making money or working to make money. They must be able to work in order to be fed and if they are hurt and cannot work for feed they are destroyed. What the hell! Later as a volunteer for the OHS I encountered the same issues within the Mennonite community post BSE scare. No longer able to farm beef they turned to puppy mills.The poor creatures are brutalized, starved, abused, neglected in cold barns and killed or for the almighty buck.

  23. I am a physician in Ohio. We have a large Amish population. What you read above occurs in Ohio as well. The care of their horses is somewhat better, since they need them for work, but still abominable.
    What is worse, though, is their treatment of women. I worked briefly in an area of Amish, and learned from discussions with a surgeon iI worked with that when the boys are ill, they are rapidly attended to. When the girls or women are ill, there is no similar urgency. It seems that they wait to see if the illness will take care of itself. I witnessed one of these cases myself. No one does anything about this kind of abuse either. So, on another important point, the delusion that the Amish are these peaceful, harmless people is dead wrong.
    It seems that all manner of barbarisms are excused by our society if the perps are clever enough to claim it is a matter of religion. There is some unwritten rule that we are supposed to respect behaviors based on religious views well past the point that normally would result in society interceding to protect innocents.

  24. I shared article. Very disheartening, although enlightening, to learn of the Amish communities cruelty toward animals, including these horrendous puppy mills. It certainly changes the positive impression I have had of the Amish. Although I have heard they are among the largest puppy mill breeders. There is no excuse for this, and no way they can justify their greedy behavior regarding the misery they put these dogs through for their personal, monetary gain. I no longer think kindly of them as a peaceful, loving community. They have no compassion and therefore, little heart. Thank you for sharing.

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