A very PETA Thanksgiving…

Ummmm… What?

Now, I am all for protecting our animals from cruelty and neglect, but isn’t this taking it a little far?

Just in time for Thanksgiving, PETA decided to run these ads in OMAHA, Nebraska of all places. Right smack dab in the middle of farm country and right in front of the public schools. This should make for a huge splash (And that is saying something since PETA is known for their shocking ads)! Their hope is to “spark” some discussions between children and parents about how turkeys (and other livestock) feel pain too.

To reach even more kids across the nation, PETA is also trying to launch these ads in Oklahoma, Oregon, Florida, New Mexico, Utah, and Tennessee.

So what are your thoughts? Do you think that targeting kids is going too far? Or are you happy that they are trying to start them young?