Pennsylvania BoB Team

We are very excited to announce that Bailing Out Benji has officially started a volunteer team in Pennsylvania! In a state with over 100 puppy mills (that we know of!) and over 7,000 adult dogs trapped in breeding cages every day, more education and awareness is definitely needed. 

While we are an Iowa based 501c3 nonprofit, we are THRILLED to have inspired others across the country to partner with us in this fight against puppy mills! Education knows no borders! 

Let’s take a look at what our new volunteers have already accomplished: 


A note from Melissa: Our new PA Team Lead. 

Pittsburgh Puppy Mill Awareness” started in July 2015 as a group of volunteers that got together to protest the local Petland in Robinson Township. A former employee had come forward to speak out against the conditions within the store. She had posted pictures of sick animals, some with open wounds that were being ignored by staff. The story garnered a lot of attention, and that first weekend two protests brought out a large crowd of animal lovers, some with stories of their own.

The attention caused the store to temporarily clean up for a story on the local news, but one thing never changed. This store bought all of their dogs from large scale breeders—puppy mills—in the Midwest. They were making exorbitant profits off of animals who frequently had numerous health problems once sold. We continued to protest monthly, eventually forming a group of dedicated volunteers who went out in all kinds of weather. During this past summer, we participated in several local events, such as Jupiter’s Walk and Veg Fest, educating people about the stores in the area who sold mill dogs and the states that they often came from. We recruited residents of Robinson to speak to local council members to encourage the passage of a retail ban against animals sold from large scale breeders.

Since the area’s council is resistant to pursuing a retail ban at this time, we’ve decided to turn our attention to educating the public about the puppy mill industry. Being a volunteer team with Bailing Out Benji will enable us to reach more people in the area and beyond.

We are honored to have Melissa as the team lead of the volunteers and outreach events! She is incredibly passionate and very dedicated to the cause! 

If you are interested in joining the fight, please reach out to us: 

Bailing Out Benji on Facebook – Our organization’s main page.

Pittsburgh Puppy Mill Awareness — Our PA team facebook page 


Pennsylvania Puppy Mill Map —– > Over 100 puppy mills, with 5 of the worst in the country and over 7,2000 adult dogs trapped.

We are in DESPERATE need of people in Pennsylvania to help us spread the word about puppy mills! Please consider joining our volunteer team  by contacting Melissa ( ) ! You can also print our educational flyers and hang them up in pet stores, vet clinics and other community boards to help us educate in your community! Just click on the PDF files below and print them at your leisure! If you are having trouble printing or would like us to email you some contact us at 

8×10 PDF:  pa-8x10print

5x7PDF: penn_flyer_5x7

And don’t forget to consider donating to our nonprofit organization to help us continue our important work in fighting puppy mills! Just click here!