The Sexual Perversion Behind Breeding.

In a business that revolves solely around the genitalia and sexual acts between animals, something has got to be said about the perversion of it all. In my opinion, these dogs that are trapped in puppy mills are sex slaves. They are forced to constantly mate for the profit of someone else. They are kept in tiny, unkempt cages for the entirety of their lives- never being allowed to live the life they were meant to. It is torture, to put a term on it. And the profit that comes from their litters is very rarely used to better the lives of the dogs. But how far are breeders willing to go to produce litters? 

For those of you that are unaware of how the breeding world works when it comes to puppy mills. When a female dog comes into heat, she is put into a separate cage with a male and left to “run” with him for a few days. Many breeders refer to these separate cages as “honeymoon suites” to put a positive spin for the public. Obviously, many puppies are littered this way, but what happens when females refuse? 


This is what’s known as a “natural mating” in Bulldogs. However, you notice that the owner has to hold the female up, so it doesn’t put as much stress on her.  As a dog lover, I am grossed out by the photo. How can any normal human being be a part of the sexual intercourse of dogs? From the, they offer this bit of advice for breeders:

“There may be a physical disparity that is holding up the mating. For instance, the bitch may be too short or too tall. If this is true, you’ll have to do something about it. And as hilarious as it may sound, you’ll have to prop up the bitch if she is too short or bolster up the male if he is too short. In the case of the bitch, you can hold her rear end up to the male. As for the short male, fold a blanket or coat and place it under his hind legs.When the male seems to be doing all the right things, but still fails to penetrate the bitch, he will have to be guided. The best method is take hold of the bitch with both hands under the abdomen, move her rear end to the right or left or up and down to facilitate entry by the male. In cattle breeding, the handlers often take hold of the bull’s penis and guide it into the cow’s vagina. But size is a factor in cattle breeding and a similar technique is not feasible with dogs. You will have to be patient and keep helping the male. But don’t make a marathon out of it. If the male fails to penetrate the bitch after an hour or two, give him a break. When you do separate the dogs, don’t give them any water. And after three or four hours of failure, call it off and bring the bitch back the next day.”

Ummm… What? Help guide the male in?!So this problem with dog breeding is more common than we thought, if a dog training site is giving advice on it. Again, as a dog lover, this disgusts me. If only the consumers knew how those puppies were really being created. Manual stimulation by humans. It makes my stomach turn just thinking about it. 

Below is an excerpt from a book. It gives some reasons that some breeders use as to why this is an acceptable occurrence in their lives. It uses terminology that I wouldn’t use, but it is informative and doesn’t go into gross detail. 

Excerpt from SOS DOG: The Purebred Dog Hobby Re-examined by Johan and Edith Gallant.

“Most of the breeders are very well aware of fertility cycles, and a bitch that finds herself close to the eleventh day is often loaded in a car destined to the breeder’s idea of her perfect mate. Since time equals money, it is expected from the bitch that, on arrival, she courteously concedes her rump to the male and lifts her tail out-of-the-way to enable a rapid and uncomplicated mating. Should the bitch, on arrival, refuse advances from the male, she will be characterised as dangerous. Most often she will then be escorted to a small enclosure, have her muzzle tied-up and have her body held still, ready to be mounted by the “mating machine.
It is amazing how many breed speciality books advise the newcomers and aspiring breeders about the dangers of mating. The unwilling bitch could bite the stud dog and ruin him for life! Once the stud has penetrated and the genital lock or tie is effective, a restless bitch could remain agitated tot he point that the penile bone causes internal damage or breaks! The authors of such books then advise that the bitch should be muzzled at arrival by tying a silk stocking or pantyhose around her snout and behind her ears, that she should be helped up so that the male can easily mount her and that she should be firmly restrained from turning her head back and from growling at the stud. Once the active part of the mating is over, the owner of the male should carefully lift one of its hind legs over the back of the bitch so that they stand backside to backside, and they should both be restrained until the end of the genital lock and thereupon be separated without allowing further contact between the two partners.”

This is what the writers above refer to as a mating stand. I, however, think of this more as a rape machine. These machines are used more often with the larger dogs, and it further proves that these animals are victims of the sex slave industry. If a breeder has to place a female in this rape machine, then she obviously is not okay with being bred. Not only do they have to endure this type of mating, their children are taken away much too young and sold to strangers- only for the cycle to start all over again. The definition of rape is “any act of sexual intercourse that is forced”. Yet this remains perfectly legal simply because it is an animal that is trapped. 

Here is a discussion that I found on a dog breeding forum that goes to show you the mentality of some of the breeders we are dealing with. 

Question:To anyone who breeds dogs:
Exactly how is this done and exactly how does strapping dogs down 
make them produce more litters? Is this the canine equivalent of 
gestation crates for sows?
These techniques were not taught in my vet school theriogenology 
courses so I am wildly curious about it.

Answer:I can answer this!
sometimes you have very heavy dogs like mastiffs and the bitch 
would be kind of stressed physically to bear the weight of a male, 
so various things are improvised like bales of hay and what have you 
to support the wieght of these giant beasts during the love act.
the other thing is often bitches of ANY BREED can decide during a 
tie, that THIS IS IT and they are going to run off, which can have 
serious consequences to the male, including the degloving of the 
penis. so these feisty gals are put in what we used to call a 
breeding stand, which is kind of like a dog being groomed on top of a 
table, except there is enough restraint so she cannot jump off and 
run away during the tie.

Because the tie can take so long that the people assisting wind up 
with lower back problems! and I used to muzzle my Afghan Hound 
bitches because they are nimble enough to reach around and bite the 
male on the nads!

Ps notice the absence of the word “RAPE” in my descriptions 

She may have not included the word rape, but that is exactly what I consider it. What are your thoughts? Do you consider these mating racks to be ethical? Do you think that humans should have any part of the mating process (ie. holding the female up during)? 

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Let’s not let this be the dirty little secret of the breeding world.

54 thoughts on “The Sexual Perversion Behind Breeding.

  1. I understand how someone who has no knowledge of breeding anything would have a bad reaction to this. Notice the breeds they are talking about are either large and heavy breeds or bulldogs. There are issues breeding those dogs that can cause harm to the dogs being breed. If you turned them loose to breed on their own you can end up hurting one or both of them. They more than likely would attempt to bred without human intervention, however the results could end in a huge problem for the dogs. Like anything else – when you make judgments with little information or first hand knowledge you are often mistaken. The writer needs to spend some time in the real world of animal agriculture.

  2. This is crazy!!! It seems that the author is either a prude or a pervert trying to atone for her/his sins. Humans have long attended & assisted in the mating of their animals. Horses are always observed to prevent injury to either animals. Dogs are supervised to help protect their dogs. Even zoos supervise the breeding of animals to make sure neither get hurt. It is NOT “rape.” It is what animals do — they reproduce!!! Being a breeder IS NOT a crime!!! There are good or bad breeders. They are not perverts. They are people who are involved in animal husbandry. A good breeder will do all he/she can to protect both animals. To make it sound like slipping off to watch XXXporno films is just down right dumb.It is by breeding of animals that people get baby animals. It’s natural & part of life. If you are so disgusted by the mere thought of animals mating, don’t own an animal as it is a result of what disgusts you. I also have news for the author: YOUR PARENTS HAD SEX IN ORDER TO CREATE YOU!!!!! I’m sorry if I busted your bubble with the idyllic thought the stork brought you.

  3. They can deny it all they want, try to re-define the argument too, however Abuse is abuse, what the dog breeders are doing is a corrupt practice. Chief Seattle of the Suquamish people, a Native American tribe of the Northwest wrote in 1800’s ” Man did not weave the gift of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”

  4. Just reading another dog book, perhaps the problem actually began a longer time ago, breeders selling pups at too young of an age? 5-7 weeks, “pups still dependent on the mother and littermates. Dogs removed from the litter at this time tend to be unable to socialize well with other dogs later on. resulting problems can include aggressive behavior with other dogs, neurotic behavior and refusal to breed……”

  5. Part of the problem in this day and age is we have made breeds to suit our purposes, as in a certain look etc. Some breeds aren’t capable of breeding or birthing without assistance as they have been grossly manipulated by human dictates. The English Bulldog is one of the first that comes to mind. We have manipulated the gene pool to the point that dogs don’t even look like dogs anymore. They are genetic train wrecks with tons of health problems. All of this interference IMO is wrong…including forcing an animal to breed against it’s will.

  6. I agree with Amy. If the body of an animal has been bred for traits that prevent it from reproducing naturally then it should not only NOT be forced to breed, it should not be ALLOWED to breed. Continuing to perpetuate these genetic traits is doing a huge disservice to the breed.

    One of the industries most responsible for the use of the rape stand is dog fighting. Since breeding animals are often also trained as fighters their level of dog reactivity prevents natural mating. In 2009 I helped provide sheltering and took evidence photos in St. Louis at the largest dog fighting bust in US history. I got to see several rape stands used by these “sportsmen” to forcibly mate their dogs so they could produce litter after litter to then be sent into the ring to be ripped apart. One of the officers hauling in this “training” equipment told me they had seen females who had actually had their legs amputated to reduce the struggling. What has the world come to that when something as natural as mating isn’t working that strapping down one of them or manually manipulating the other and guiding him in seems like a way to still make money off the deal but when even that perversion isn’t enough the legs are amputated because “why should I have to lose money because she won’t cooperate?” If that is not rape then I do not know what is. It is about domination and about money. It is about self-determined entitlement and greed. Doesn’t matter if it is a dog fighter or a puppy-miller.

  7. Please read something written by a veterinarian, preferably a reproductive vet, about the role of hormones in breeding and the estrus cycle. Hormones go a long way toward explaining many of the issues you bring up. They switch on and off at certain times and dictate the behavior of the female dog to a great extent. Female dogs are not unwilling to be bred. That is a fallacy. It is just wrong. Mating is a natural behavior for dogs and most of them don’t have a problem with it when their hormones tell them it is the right time. Breeders *assist* in some circumstances, they don’t force dogs to mate. I suggest that you find a nice breeder and ask if you can be present during a breeding, without any ulterior motives, if you would really like to see what happens and how/why things are done, instead of assuming the worst about people.

  8. Why would restraint during breeding be necessary for safety? What are breeders doing differently nowadays that requires this? On the farm where I grew up, animals just did what came naturally…no retraints, no bondage…perhaps breeders today are too greedy and more demanding of what their animals can provide naturally. After all, production equals profit. Why else would we have resorted to mass production of ANY type of they dogs, pigs, chickens or cows? It’s all about the money…and highly unlikey that the welfare of the animals (disguised as “safety”) comes first and foremost. I wish it did…but sadly, it does not.

  9. so true so why would we deny the most basic instinct of all animals including dogs. that of reproduction.. by cutting off all of the testicles of the males of a species and ripping out the uterus and ovaries of all the females.. every species is has a built in trigger to reproduce it is called survival.. so yes whatever you do to the web .. like cutting off testicles and ripping out ovaries” without permission and for your own convenience you do to yourself
    PS ever seen dogs on a reservation?

  10. “Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse, which is initiated by one or more persons against another person without that person’s consent. The act may be carried out by physical force, coercion, abuse of authority or with a person who is incapable of valid consent, such as a person who is unconscious or incapacitated.[1][2][3][4] The term is most often defined in criminal law.[2][4]”

    It is an insult to those HUMANS who have been raped to see what you are writing here. Rape is not just a physical assault of one human on another HUMAN .. RAPE IS AN ASSAULT AGAINST ANOTHER PERSON BOTH PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY said if that is not rape you don;t know what is.. well here is the definition..I hope you are never a victim of rape.. if you are you would see that dog breeding does not live up to that definition in any light and certainly not in any court.

  11. well then let’s just let dogs breed like they did on your farm.. randomly and certainly restraints.. bet they were not even on leashes.
    “Why else would we have resorted to mass production of ANY type of animal..” It is called FOOD profduction

  12. It is not rape when a female animal is in estrus & her hormones tell her it’s time to breed. Rape is what a human cruelly & viciously does to another human. It’s not about sex, it’s about power, control, dominating & forcing one self onto another. It destroys a lot of the victims self respect, feelings of safety & security, makes the victims feel dirty. I know, I am a survivor. However it was not in anyway “rape” when I conceived my children.

    Animals breed. Most animals breed only at certain times, when the female is in estrus. That is the sign that it is time to reproduce. Almost all animal species only react sexually when the hormones tell them it’s time to reproduce. It’s hormones that cause this interaction, nature’s way of having the babies born when it’s the safest time for them. Nature has a “time chart” thus allowing the babies to be born at specific times.

    The breeding stands are used for mainly large breeds of dogs. This is so that injuries can be avoided by the weight of the male upon the female or to keep the female from running around when they are “tied” & injuring herself and/or the male. Please, read up on vet care & animal husbandry. You really need to know what you are writing about, not just some loose thoughts rolling around in your head.

  13. How about that breeders today found a safer way of doing things? You know, like how we found better methods store foods? Just because it wasn’t ever really reported way back when if something went wrong in a breeding, doesn’t mean that it never did. And even if such things were known, it’s not likely it was officially reported. And if it was, it would be impossible to find now a days. It could be that so long ago it was considered just nature being nature and left at that. If a dog suffered an injury 100 years ago, how likely would it be that the dog was simply put down?

    Greed doesn’t increase production and profits, good animal husbandry, focusing on health and care can. Greed will however, cause someone to turn out an inferior product at a lower price with no care to have return customers…unless customers are too ignorant to put two and two together. Which in this day and age…..far too common. And it’s really only going to take making people understand the basics of genetics for them to understand it is important to consider where your animal comes from and the care that was put into them

  14. I am quite curious, why are my comments awaiting moderation? I did not cuss or swear. I did express my opinion but said nothing rude or crude. The author of this piece opened up the Pandora’s Box with his/her article. She went into great detail about the sexual actions & used words to describe genetalia. I remained calm & did not use offensive language even though the article came across as anyone who breeds dogs is a sexual deviant. So please, why are my comments still in moderation? 1 has been in moderation for well over 24 hrs. Is it because I don’t agree with the author? I thought this was the area where you as been could post your opinions even if your opinion disagrees with the author’s opinion. So, I would appreciate to know why I, someone who has been registered to comment here for quite awhile, have my comments “in moderation.” I thought you would allow civil disagreements on subjects or are you instead now censoring & only allowing those who agree with the author be allowed to comment. I would appreciate a quick reply to this & if you are now employing censorship on the comments. I noticed all but 1 comment favored the author so if only 1 comment out of 9 has been allowed through, I feel that you are actively censoring the comments & in that, preventing any other view points. If this is your goal, then you need to post,”Only people who agree with this article may comment.” A rather 1 sided point of view.

  15. OK, so you think that there should be no pets, no search and rescue dogs to save people, no guide dogs for the blind, no animals for meat, milk and eggs, and no wool. Think about that. What about insulin for diabetics? There are tons of items made from animal ingredients you never considered. Just a few include fabric softener, beer and wine, cigarettes, lipstick, nail polish, medicines, like heparin which thins blood to prevent clots, and thus strokes, ceramic tile, film, ink, brushes…the list is endless. But hey! We don’t NEED animals, right?

  16. I guess you are refusing to post my comments as they say they are awaiting moderation. Is this because you choose to censor comments to favor only the author’s point of view? I was always taught that journalism was to cover & write the facts, whether the author agreed or not. The public has a right to hear the facts & make up their own minds as to how they believe. By allowing only 1 sided comments, in favor of the author, you are doing a great disservice to the history & the true meaning of journalism. Readers have a right to have fair, balanced, impartial articles to read. Anything else is just a “rag mag” sensational article. I am truely sorry you are choosing to be so prejudicial in your allowing of comments. it shows you are biased & do not wish for the trueth to be put forth. What a shame.

  17. First post I made was Sept. 26, 2012, at 1:56 PM Central time. Does i really take you folks well OVER 4 days to “moderate” a comment??? It seems you prefer to censor all who disagree. Very narrow minded, very unprofessional. I had thought you were better than this but I guess I am so wrong. Shame on you for trying to be a “journalist.”

  18. I don’t think that trying to belittle me is helping to get your point across. “YOUR PARENTS HAD SEX IN ORDER TO CREATE YOU!!!!! I’m sorry if I busted your bubble with the idyllic thought the stork brought you.” In another comment you call me narrow-minded and unprofessional… This quote from you must say volumes about your personality.

    This article was written to show how some breeders choose to breed their dogs- I am against it. It is a simple as that. Sadly, most of the comments and emails from breeders are not denying this fact- which further proves my point that this is a common practice. I don’t think that hooking dogs up to those stands is needed at all. If the female doesn’t want to reproduce, or isn’t in the right hormonal cycle, then skip a heat cycle. It won’t kill anyone to do AND it would give the female some much needed rest… Breeding dogs every heat cycle is not good for them in any way. Not to mention the sheer number of homeless animals that we have in shelters and breed rescues. Most breeders will argue that if they aren’t there to breed then in ten years there will not be any dogs. Which is false. If those breeders that have hundreds or thousands of dogs on their property would cut back the number of pups a year, it would greatly help the overpopulation problem. And don’t get me started on the breeders that breed all of the “designer dogs”. Bettering blood lines of purebred dogs is one thing. Trying to make the next “fad” in dogs is an entirely different subject.

  19. Animals do breed, but why do a lot of breeders insist on breeding the females every heat cycle?

    And, no offense, but this is my blog- I think by definition I am able to post whatever thoughts roll around in my head. Much to your disagreement, I read up on this topic for a very long while before writing this article. And if you disagree with the things that I write, I suggest not reading them. As for my breeding background- I used to help a friend of mine with his two female dogs. He would search for a perfect stud with champion lines and he would attempt to breed his females, who also had champion lines. But he left it up to nature. On many occasions, the female was not interested in the male and she would let us know. That was that. We would put her in the truck and drive away. Holding her down and forcing her to breed wasn’t in the cards for him… And why is that? He was breeding to better the bloodlines of his puppies, not for the check that would come from their litter.

    That is the difference between good and bad breeders.

  20. In all fairness, I never used any language in my article. The quote from books and conversations from breeders are another topic. You, however, did not remain calm- as you tried your hardest to make me seem uneducated on the topic of reproduction. Look back on your “stork” comment. I understand that everyone says things in the heat of the moment, but do not make it out to seem like I am “targeting” you by not posting your comments. As I explained in my email to you, I have over 70 articles that get thousands of views daily. Sometimes it takes a while to approve each and every comment. I will gladly allow civil discussions on all of my articles, but name calling will not be tolerated. And, yes, I have had to deny several comments from breeders who did not conduct themselves as professionally as you did at times.

  21. Ma’am, checking back daily to see if an author approved your comments seems a little much. I do work full time, I do rescue animals in my free time, and I do have my own family. With all of the comments I receive every day, It is implausible to assume that I can approve them all instantly. I suggest that before you accuse me of being biased- you be a little patient on the matter and just wait your turn. Trust me, if I were “censoring you”, your comments would have been thrown into my trash, as that is an option. I would not humor you by allowing them to just sit in limbo.

  22. Wow. Another comment about me not approving your comments in a timely fashion. This seems a little unprofessional, as you referred to me on several occasions. This is one article of over 70 that I have written. They cover a variety of animal issues, please don’t assume that this is the first time a few people have gotten upset about what I have written.

  23. No one said that animals weren’t needed. Everyone who reads this articles are animal lovers. We all have rescued pets of our own. Tishijo was just commenting on the breeding stand point. Why is it fair for Steve Kruse or the Hunte Corporation to have thousands of adult dogs on their property that they continuously breed until the bodies give out? Why do they get to be millionaires when the dogs in their care aren’t receiving proper vet care or proper food. Not to mention the fact that these animals are never let out of their cages…

    Sure, they are providing puppies to families and all of the happiness that comes from that. But isn’t that hypocritical of all large scale breeders? This dog deserves a forever home, inside, with a family that loves it… While their dogs are trapped for the entirety of their lives? Food for thought.

  24. You think it is inhumane to offer surgery, while under anesthesia, that will hinder animals from breeding? “Cutting off” and “Ripping out” are two very powerful words. Does this mean you don’t agree with proper vet care of pets? Why should animals that are living as pets be given the option to have a litter? That is another reason why our shelters and rescues are so overpopulated with animals. Backyard breeders think it is okay to just have litter after litter because they can.

  25. “Manual stimulation by humans. It makes my stomach turn just thinking about it.
    says the blogger.. why?

  26. LOL.. yes lets’ stop breeding domestic animals for “profit” we can see them eliminated

  27. Jan, I see that you are a part of the “Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States”… You have left several comments on the facebook page and several comments here as well- what draws you back each time? You will never change my mind, or the minds of my readers. We do not think that this is okay. I am sorry.

    “Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States was formed October 15, 1989 to protect the civil rights, Constitutional rights, and interests of dog owners.” But what about the interests of the dogs, Jan? Do you think that they want to be caged up all day every day? Don’t you think that they would like to run around and play as dogs should?

    Nit-picking every inch of this article won’t help your cause any. As I have stated before, this is my article. These are my thoughts. Yes, I am disgusted by manual stimulation of animals.

  28. Oh, gosh, I am sorry… They only have 875 puppies in their care (per the USDA reports) that they can ship off to pet stores all over the country. They are the main reason why animal lovers say that every puppy that comes from a pet store is a puppy mill puppy. Not to mention the fact that the USDA reports talk about the semi-trailers that the puppies are housed in.
    You are right, they aren’t breeders- my apologies. But they don’t treat the animals in their care any better than the puppy mills that they came from.

  29. umm you used rape.. and other inflammatory not to mention so untrue “statements;’ it is laughable.So my little use of “ripping” and cutting was just to match your tone of this blog… Proper care of animals does not mean removing healthy organs from dogs for our benefit. No one said that all dogs should have litters.. Europe and other countries find it very easy to control their dog population and in some of those countries castration of either sex is illegal without a good medical reason. Early castration of pets leads to many unwanted medical problems later in life..

  30. Many countries have also outlawed “Puppy Farms”, like Ireland for example… Other countries eat dogs and cats… I think it is best to focus on what we are doing wrong in America, as opposed to picking out random laws and facts from other places to make us look better.

    Again, I will reiterate, if you don’t like what I have written- then don’t read it. It is as simple as that. You have said your peace, now you are just rambling.

  31. Endangered species using frozen and chilled semen depend upon manual stimulation of animals by humans to ensure their perpetuation. Would you prefer extinction?

  32. Dogs did a pretty fair job of breeding all on their own without the help of humans for thousands of years. It’s only when people realized they could make a pretty penny selling dogs that all of this started. It’s about greed. Nothing more. These breeders can try to justify all they want. Whatever. There’s a lot of couples in this country who would love nothing more than to have a baby but are unable to. So how would you like being strapped to some device while a guy impregnates you? Bet you wouldn’t like it. We’re all creatures of God, all deserving of respect. That’s what this is about – respect. Give it a shot.

  33. Just realize these people don’t have lives and have nothing better to do than troll around blogs leaving rude comments. You keep doing the good work you do. 🙂

  34. Funny. A number…a LARGE number, of people I know have discovered through comparing notes have also commented on this article. And NONE of our comments were put of moderation five days later. If you want to bring up an inflammatory subject, and degrade responsible breeders, you should be prepared to defend your comments with more than, “It’s MINE MINE MINE, and YOU need to forget getting a word in edgewise.”

  35. I am glad that I am famous in your little club, Jennifer. However, if you wish to see your comments on the article, then you need to write something more thought provoking that “What flavor is your koolaid anyhow”. Name calling and pointless comments will not be allowed.

    The sheer obsession that you select few people have about this article is a little alarming.

  36. This shouldn’t have to be said… But apparently it does here. Comments that are simply name calling will not be tolerated.If you cannot conduct yourself like an adult, then the comments will be thrown away

  37. Oh my goodness, by your way of thinking, farmers, ranchers, racing stable owners, obstetricians, gynecologists, urologists, veterinarians and pediatricians are mostly perverts. Really? Not to mention the blessed souls who spend their lives helping humans with fertility problems so that they can have a beloved child. And Dr. Ruth . . . I wonder who she would think is the pervert with the dirty mind here.

    I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank the wonderful people who collected semen from excellent stud dogs who live thousands of miles from me, so that I can have the healthiest, strongest and most intelligent search and rescue dogs to return missing loved ones to their grieving families. Then there is the best of the best of veterinarians, Dr. Marty, who maintains the frozen semen bank, and artificially inseminated the mother of my gorgeous dogs! Sexual deviant? Or maybe only one or two lurking behind the title “breeder” or “reproduction specialist” veterinarian? You think that people dedicate their lives to the study of animal reproduction just because it turns them on? Come on, this is just the most amazing, immature point of view, that I think must be seen by looking in the mirror, not at professional and ethical people, experts in all the most important animal husbandry field in the world. Without this collective knowledge gained over thousands of generations the human race would not survive, period. Get your mind out of the gutter, please.

    Without the people you are vilifying here, there would be no chance to improve the health of many breeds of dogs through AI over long distances, and some rare breeds would disappear – because someone has to collect semen, and oh man, that must be just creepy, right?

    Voyeurism is a cheap thrill, but protecting our much loved and valued dogs for whatever reason is something you should be grateful for, but instead you have stooped to sensationalism and telling only a tiny portion of a very important, highly complex profession, or avocation, depending on the individual. “Rapists”? I suggest you actually visit a farm or a dog breeder, or go behind the scenes at a zoo with an open mind, and report on the things you learned.

    Or go back to high school biology class.

  38. Breeding companion animals is wrong. Period. There IS a pet overpopulation crisis in the U.S. and elsewhere. For every dog or cat or rabbit (etc.) brought into this world by force (or by irresponsibly failing to spay/neuter your pet) no fewer than two companion animals will die in a shelter as a direct result: the first animal is the one that a human would have otherwise adopted, and the second is the one that would have taken that adopted animal’s place in the shelter or rescue.


  40. something is really wrong with these dogs if they can’t breed ‘naturally’. it is human’s fault that they became so giant that they can’t breed unless they’re forced, or with the ‘help’ of a human.

  41. Not to mention the sheer number of homeless animals that we have in shelters and breed rescues. Most breeders will argue that if they aren’t there to breed then in ten years there will not be any dogs. Which is false. If those breeders that have hundreds or thousands of dogs on their property would cut back the number of pups a year, it would greatly help the overpopulation problem. And don’t get me started on the breeders that breed all of the “designer dogs”.

    This is the best comment I have seen on this forum. It is unbelievable how many homeless animals there are out there and that is no thanks to breeders. I understand that dogs were once bread for hunting, or for sport however now a days dogs are bread for looks and status. I am going to spend then rest of my life devoted to encouraging people to adopt from shelters and not from a breeder.
    As per what the whole article has been about, bitches should not be forced to reproduce, and should not be forced to mate, whether it’s dogs or humans. Simple as that.

  42. Animals are euthanized every day in our shelters thanks to ideals such as yours. Spaying females also prevents ovarian cancer or other problems with the reproductive organs and neutering males is done to help with aggressive behaviour and the possibility of testicular cancer. To say that removing their organs is cruel, sorry “cutting them off” or “ripping them out” is only a result of the lack of information you have on this topic.

  43. I am totally, 100% against puppy mills and breeders. If they were totally outlawed, then this would not be an issue. Stiff penalties should exist for indiscriminate negligence. Money is the root of all evil and greedy people should not be allowed to abuse innocent animals. Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or to entertain us. Animals are sovereign nations unto themselves and deserve respect and protection from bully humans. It is morally corrupt to know about abuse or neglect and not do something about it. It doesn’t take a law or human consensus to know when something is wrong. If your heart is not corrupted with greed, you will recognize another being in distress and give aid to that creature–whatever species. The commenters above should stop making excuses for cruelty and playing god with our fellow earthlings. We are all caught in the web of life on this tiny planet together and should be protecting and helping each other instead of exploiting perceived weaknesses. Every creature has worth and merit in its own right that selfish, greedy exploiters can never fully appreciate. We are failing as a species at acting as stewards of nature. Parents, be proactive, and teach your children to be defenders of nature and of our brothers and sisters, the animals; not exploiters. We all have a right to our own personal space on this planet, but not to usurp the rights of other people, animals, or ecosystems. That’s the only way we will all survive. Wake up, (wo)man up, and get with the program before it’s too late.

  44. I raised great danes years ago and NEVER had to use anything such as that BS! Dogs are smarter than people and have the instinct to breed without any human helping! Even though I bred for a year I decided to stop b/c there are too many breeders out there. I believe there should only be allowed a select few per state for each breed to not over populate anymore. Do you people not even stop to think that the female dog standing tied there is in pain??? She is being pushed against a metal bar by a 70+ male dog! No pity for any humans and I hope the ones using this run into a rapist on the street and he gets some from them in the same manner (tied up and helpless!) Burn in hell losers!

  45. Am recalling the horrid story of “processing plant” workers, who make male turkeys jack off to collect semen to breed Thanksgiving turkeys . . . LEAVE ALL ANIMALS BE!!!

  46. I am very against breeding and puppy mills and after reading this article I just have to say that it makes me sick thinking people are making money off of the rape and violation of a living, breathing, feeling thing. Do you people (who are arguing with the author) even care how the animal feels about this? Did you ever stop to think that forced sex might hurt? What about the Rape Stands that they are being shoved into and then repeatedly violated. I really feel as though you would have to have some sick obsession with power, hurting animals or a very deep, disturbing greed, assuming of course that you aren’t just in it to watch dog sex. Which, based on the “offended” parties comments, I am going to go out on a limb here and say that is exactly what they are there for.

  47. Humans reproduce too, it’s what we do. Would it be ok to tie an unwilling female up or throw her on a breeding (rape) stand?

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