A very PETA Thanksgiving…

Ummmm… What?

Now, I am all for protecting our animals from cruelty and neglect, but isn’t this taking it a little far?

Just in time for Thanksgiving, PETA decided to run these ads in OMAHA, Nebraska of all places. Right smack dab in the middle of farm country and right in front of the public schools. This should make for a huge splash (And that is saying something since PETA is known for their shocking ads)! Their hope is to “spark” some discussions between children and parents about how turkeys (and other livestock) feel pain too.

To reach even more kids across the nation, PETA is also trying to launch these ads in Oklahoma, Oregon, Florida, New Mexico, Utah, and Tennessee.

So what are your thoughts? Do you think that targeting kids is going too far? Or are you happy that they are trying to start them young?


27 thoughts on “A very PETA Thanksgiving…

  1. I’m personally not a vegan or vegetarian, but working in the animal welfare industry I can understand why so many people have made the choice….

    PETA’s ads are some of the most clever marketing in this country. But like many, not all their members are credible. Activism and radicalism isn’t always the best way to share your message.

    But they are still very clever with their marketing….

  2. Sometimes to get attention to a cause, you have to do something outlandish and shocking. It is a marketing tactic that people in the entertainment industry practice also ( look at Lady Gaga). Their impact on how farm animals and domestic animals are treated has been great, but I sometimes shake my head their antics, but it works, people notice and know who they are, and they are feared by those who abuse animals..

  3. Also, I am Vegan to be true to myself and my convictions of being a protector and guardian of all animals, so, will not eat them.. I know this philosophy is not right for everyone, but fits me perfectly along with thousands who join the ranks every year, not only for love of animals but also a healthier life.

  4. I am all for protecting mainly companion animals and the overpopulation of them with puppy mills, crowding shelters, dumped and neglected pets and so much more seems more of a issue that needs dealt with. This is what I wish PETA would work harder on especially with kids. Many may not like my opinion of PETA but I think they have hurt us in a sense as activists rather than advocates, which I am.

  5. I need to add that I definately believe this ad is totally insane. What are kids going to think and how are their parents going to answer to them when they sit down at the table and say, I’m not eating my turkey because it’s like eating “Spot”.? I believe we need to first of all focus attention on issues with “Spots”.

  6. To Nancy’s point PETA has done some good things- but they also have done some really not good things and they are as guilty of sensationalism in the press as any activist group. this is too much in my opinion… I disagree with PETA 90% of the time anyway tho.

  7. The truth never killed anyone…and sometimes saves lives. The truth is turkeys do suffer and feel pain and are raised in horrible confinement conditions. If after knowing how they are raised, suffer, are deprived of any semblance of normal life, mutilated then killed for our selfish enjoyment…you still choose to partake then that is your choice. Education is always the answer. While i don’t agree with PETA’S methods, they do work.

  8. Ridiculous as is most of PETAs work! Exactly why I say I am an animal ADVOCATE NOT an ACTIVIST! I don’t want to be associated with PETA in any way!!!

  9. I agree with Nancy , they paved the way for advocates,they gave awareness to animals when noone else did and made people look at their conscience, but they have done some things I don’t agree with

  10. Any orgainzation that is so compassionate about animal welfare to push the envelope as far as they do sometime –advocate/activist, whatever you want to refer them as to animals, are trying to make the wrongs into rights ! I applaud them and I think everyone else who love animals should too. They are on our side!

  11. My interest in animal welfare is because of PETA, NAVS, ALF, the Animals’ Voice magazine and all those other “radical” groups that dared to go where none had gone before.

  12. Well my only problem with PETA was the Vick dogs, They reccomended all the dogs be put down. Other groups came forward and only 2 were put down and the 1 was a poor sick little female that was suffering. I was disappointed with them because of the BSL diiscrimation. But all in all their name says it all, people for ethical treatment of animals and I respect that and most of what they have done.

  13. But PETA doesn’t necessarily get support by the masses. If one takes a poll among their inner circle, I bet they’d discover that most people want better treatment for animals, including farm, however when asked if they have ever participated in a demonstration against the cruelty of animals, or if they have ever contributed any other way, you’ll find the answer is NO.

    In short, while there are many animal welfare supporters…the majority of our society likes the “idea” of saving lives…not the actual participation or support of it.

  14. Was it bad that I laughed at the sight of their banner? LOL
    Honestly, I think they’ve figured it out. They’ve found the honey-hole. Young kids are going to be the target, and I’ll explain why.
    In an Animal Science class, a freshman girl gave a presentation about animal use in research labs, etc.
    After her speech, she said that she was from Florida, a FORMER Peta member as well. She told us that she had NO IDEA how much agricultural animals such as livestock affects our country. She mentioned that a few of her relatives may not be alive due to the help of animal research for diseases. PETA will advertise in places where there will be LOTS of people, LOTS of kids, all where they have no idea what agriculture is for this country.
    And honestly, do you think our founding fathers would have survived the early years with the American Indians by just eating corn and squash? Pffffft.

  15. People that join PETA should figure out what they stand for and agriculture is not just about livestock. If people wouldnt eat meat,farmers would increase the plant agriculture which would provide big profit ( look how successful farmers markets are and growing in popularity ) There is more demand for home grown fruits and vegetables. Increasing vegetables and grains would improve heart heath. The answer to your last questions is “yes”.

  16. I don’t disagree that their hearts are in the right place- but many of their methods are questionable. Dog shows are a good example- they will sneak in and set dogs loose out of their crates- and years ago when they started it a friend of the family’s GSD was one of the ‘saved’ dogs from his crate- only to run into the road and get hit and killed. And when they set free the minks several years ago- that was counter productive too. They just need to think thru their actions more deliberately first. Not all dogs in a crate are suffering- and not all livestock farmers are abusive. Just like not all dogs in a certain breed are bad seeds. Not fair to generalize- as I think all of us against BSL would agree.

  17. No, they wouldn’t have survived on veggies alone. That’s why they hunted and ate rabbits, deer, turkey, quail, etc. That’s why we have teeth made to eat meat. You need that extra bunch of calories to keep warm in the winters. But it’s easy now, since we’re all living in houses, and not in shabby cabins and huts.
    PETA can go on doing what they do best. If they ever so much get an inch on things, bad things will happen.
    I’ll eat meat and vegetables side by side, on the same plate because that is how it’s meant to be.

  18. Suzanne, I definately agree that some of the things they have done, are questionable and I did not support the mink farm decision, dont know anything about the dogs, but as a whole, the majority of the time, they are working toward the welfare of animals.

  19. As far as the minks , do we really need to kill animals for the fur?
    The chinese do it they skin them alive put them on meat hooks and skin dogs , rabbits, cats whatever they get their hands on. I have seen a picture of a mink skinned still alive with blood running out of his eyes, I won’t forget that picture anytime soon . We are here to help stop cruelty. I went to a dog show a year ago people were there from Mo. trying to sell puppies. had crate after crate of dogs without water it was disgusting. I don’t care what anyone says I saw what I saw. They had a little Bichon on a table unable to move even his head so his hair wouldn’t get messed up. I went and complained and the person said that’s how it is in dog shows. I will never go again.

  20. Pam. I agree — minks or other animals should NOT be killed for their fur. I just wished PETA would have captured the minks instead of let them run and get hit by cars or met their demise anyway. I have seen some pictures too that will stay with me forever. I think dog shows are horrible. These animals are treated like objects and not living, breathing creatures that feel fear and happiness.

  21. OK, if PETA had their way ALL animals would roam free…no dogs in kennels, no fences to control deer, elk, etc from getting on highways. How is this helpful other than to decrease the population of everything because they would have to fend for themselves and 1000s more would be roadkill! And what does it prove to throw whip cream pies at the Pork Queen?? STUPID and radical!!

  22. They really threw a whip cream pie at the Pork Queen? Wow. Really? Wow. Had not heard that. I would just urge everyone to remember that not all PETA people are nuts, not all dog show people treat their dogs as objects (in fact the ones I know are quite the opposite), and not matter who you are its really dumb to throw a pie at the AG queens.

  23. I ddidn’t like that either people should be treated with respect. , but we kill 5 million cats and dogs a year, thru gas chambers, heart sticks and needles, we kill Doves because it’s fun?? factory farm animals are not treated well I can’t think anyone can argue that, I have seen videos where a laimb was being axed to death in a slaughter house, cows pushed after they slipped and fell with fork lifts in slaughter houses and that was on TV. A whole bunch of people will buy those cute fake fur jackets at Younkers, Burlington coat factory Boston Store and on and on. Fake fur from China which is dog and cats. People need to start being responsible for what they do because when we go to our maker what will we say????? How will we explain all of this??

  24. I’m all for making people more, no TOTALLY responsible for their actions! STOP the puppy & kitty mills etc. But PETA showing up and turning animals loose only to have them hit and killed and probably suffer is WRONG! and YES the Iowa Pork Queen was belted with pies at the Iowa Pork Expo by PETA!! I don’t see that that accomplishes anything!!

  25. The dinner table seems as good a place as any to discuss speciesism. If you are unable to explain to a child why you eat some animals and love others, then it is time to think about it and, for your own sake, make sure you actually know why. I find the billboard thought provoking and I hope it will be conversation provoking as well.

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