Let’s Do Some Math!

These are a few slides that I have added to my presentation (sorry they are so blurry)… But I wanted to share this visual with all of my readers. Keep in mind these are all “if” numbers. The actual numbers do vary a little because of the breed, age of the dog, and (more often than not) the breeder charges way more.  

So that being said…  

If the female ONLY has 6 puppies in a litter, only has two litters in a year and the breeder ONLY sells them at $400 a piece, that female is worth $4,800 annually…  That is $28,000 during her entire breeding life (if she is only bred for six years…)

This is all a numbers game… If that same breeder has 25 breeding females, then his annual income is around $120,000 a year.

In all reality, Steve Kruse makes almost 2 million a year. This is because he sells to pet stores and through other brokers. But still… two million?! Now, if you are like me… It makes you wonder how much of that profit goes back to the breeding dogs. In reality, almost none of it goes back. While one female makes almost $5,000 a year for the breeder, she is fed cheap food and receives little (to no) vet care. As of 2/22/12 – Steve Kruse had 895 adults and 263 puppies  trapped in his wretched buildings. These dogs are never let out of their cages (unless its for breeding), they never get handled, and they are never given the chance to learn what love is.

This is why we need to educate our friends, family and co-workers on where the money actually goes when they purchase a dog from a breeder, online, or from a newspaper. Sure, the outside of his facility looks decent, but the inside is terrible. CAPS  has taken numerous inside videos, and a pet store of his is currently being protested. Read more here about the “Happiness is NOT Pets Protest”

–Mindi… Please, “Don’t Shop, Adopt” and help educate those you know by sharing this post!

And if you think Steve Kruse’s Stonehenge Kennel is bad, please check out the scary world of the Hunte Corporation! You will be shocked.

11 thoughts on “Let’s Do Some Math!

  1. You never cease to amaze me because you’re such a go-getter and you’re sharing all this important data and helpful advice to others. Myself, (being over a 1/2 century old) can’t do what I use to and having companion animal compassion and dedication is something I’ve always prayed would trickle down to the younger generation. I don’t have to worry anymore because of you. Now don’t feel a big weight on your shoulders…. because there will and are others but you are doing such an unspeakable amt. of advocating for Iowa and we need it so desperately. We have to win this battle and we will. Your blog is a Godsend! Thanks to special people like yourself, Mindi!!!!

  2. I believe Steve Kruse also buys and resells from breeders so I would guess he’s licensed as a broker too? Probably not! I can’t even imagine having 1000 dogs and being able to keep acurate records of who’s bred to who. He can’t possibly register with AKC because he would be forced to DNA his male dogs at 40-50 bucks a piece! UNBELIEVABLE!! Keep up the good work Mindi!!

  3. This is an excellent presentation of the realities of commercial breeding. It’s also done without the horrific photos, which tends to turn people away from the subject matter.

    Now it’s time to tell people what they CAN do to help change this.

    A list of all the things they should be aware of would be great!

    Mindi…you did a wonderful job here….Stand tall and proud!

  4. Mindi, Given the overall economic rewards of this enterprise, I can’t believe that all of that income/profit is reported to the IRS … I mean, how in the world do you think they record expenses against income? Somehow, I think this is their weakness … way too much profit that very possibly goes unreported. In any event, this may be worth investigating.

  5. I agree… And while all of these examples are “if” scenarios, there is a lot of fact behind them. The breeder that tried to sell me a puppy was selling “teddy bears” for $600 a piece. That same breeder also had 325 dogs on their property! Think of how much money they are making a year… Not to mention, they have a pet shoppe outlet if they can’t sell the puppies on their website. Each one of these breeders is making quite the income, and I am not sure how they have to report it. I can only wish that something as simple as their taxes could bring the whole industry down.

  6. Thank you, Janet… Your comments are too kind! And please don’t worry, I will always keep writing and “spreading the passion”. I care so deeply about these issues, I don’t forsee that going away any time soon!

  7. this information is so very educational, I sincerely wish everyone who has respect for animals could read this around the country. Steve Kruse is a monster even though he has money which brings him high regard in his community for that reason only, money. The USDA does nothing but someone just brought up an excellent point. What do they report for income? May our state government should look into that aspect since they need money so bad. How much are they not reporting. Mindi thanks for the wonderful information you are a wonderful animal advocate.

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  9. Wow I never really knew any of this. We bought a soft coated Wheaton in 2012. His breeder is Steve Krause. He is an amazing dog and thank heavens very healthy. We got him from a store in nj and color me stupid but I didn’t even think that he came from a puppy mill. I just realized it now why doing some research. After reading all this I know one thing for sure I will never buy again only adopt but I am happy we saved our little guy from this breeder. Thank for all this information.

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