Dyvig’s Pet Shoppe, Ames, Iowa

Dyvig’s Pet Shoppe in Ames, Iowa sells puppies from known puppy mills. 

As an animal lover, I am asking everyone reading this to please think twice before you shop at Dyvigs Pet Shoppe in Ames, Iowa. Every Saturday morning (and some other days)  animal lovers from central Iowa gather to educate the citizens of Ames about the pet store/puppy mill connection.  Dale Dyvig, owner of the pet store,  knowingly purchases his puppies from a “family breeder” in  the “Waterloo area”, or so he tells his customers… Century Farm Puppies is located in Grundy Center, Iowa and they are the definition of a puppy mill. Dyvig also forgot to mention that he also uses New Design Kennels in Rockwell City, Iowa.  As you can see below, the CFP breeder will even tell you that the puppies are not kept in the home! 


The owner of the store and the employees have been feeding their customers that same line for over ten years. (The pet store here in Ames is not his first pet store, he has owned at least two more in recent decades- all while using the same breeders). Now is the time for people to learn the truth about where those puppies really come from. Keep in mind, when we talked with Dale before the protests began, he said that he had visited Century Farm Puppies and was okay with everything he saw.  Here is the handout Dale was giving his customers when the protests began.


This is a direct excerpt from the Century Farm Puppies website. 


Below is the most recent dog count from the USDA . As you can see, Century Farm Puppies has 155 adult dogs and 48 puppies. In recent years, they have had as many as 560 dogs on their property. While their numbers are dwindling, they still have far too many dogs in their care.  It should be stated that Dale Dyvig still used and approved of these breeders when they had all of those dogs and numerous violations. 

cfp (1)

Below are a few of the violations that they have had in the past which include: a build up of days old feces, on all of the flat surfaces of their buildings there was severe buildup of hair, dirt and other debris (which affected approximately 532 dogs at the time!!) Again, see for yourself. These are screenshots of the USDA reports.




Century Farm Puppies has been downgrading in recent years due to public pressure and the fact that more people are “waking up” about puppy mills. In recent years they had over 500 adult dogs on their property, which is an insane amount of dogs to care for. Many people have criticized us for quoting previous USDA reports, please keep in mind that Dyvig’s Pet Shoppe has used this breeder for several years and has always known what is going on in the puppy mill. Here are some of their most recent numbers. 

DyvigsUSDAA local radio station decided to look into Century Farm Puppies, what they saw and heard there were very troubling. They were not only able to see inside of the “honeymoon suites”, but they confirmed that there were over 125 dogs living inside of the sundowner buildings within the metal barn, the barking was unbearable, and there was an overwhelming smell. Not only did this confirm to us that it is a puppy mill- but what the owner, Rex Meyers, said ON AIR about the puppies he sells to Dyvigs- “…we don’t sell Teddy Bears, so those I send to the pet store.  Because they’re a cheap dog. We’re known for Cavachons.  I’d rather sell Cavachons.” 

Straight from the breeder’s mouth. The dogs he sells to Dyvig’s Pet Shoppe are cheap. For more information on Century Farm Puppies, click here. 




Nancy and Tom Carlson of New Design Kennels are very deep in the puppy mill world. Not only do they have a huge puppy mill of their own, they run under TWO names so the public doesn’t see that they breed several breeds of dogs (New Design Kennel and Illusion Japanese Chin) but they sell their unwanted dogs at terrible dog auctions. Most recently, In May, Nancy and Tom helped out at another dog auction that I attended. These “reputable breeders” have no problem breeding dogs that aren’t healthy. If you read the article above, you will note that many of her dogs were missing teeth, eyes and had open wounds AT THE AUCTION! Below shows you an approximate number of dogs that she sells on her property and, below that, we highlight some of her violations. For more information on New Design Kennels, please click here. 




If the inspection reports aren’t bad enough. Look at how these dogs are forced to live. 

Please remember, that the owner of Dyvig’s Pet Shoppe has been to both of these places and approved of how these dogs are kept. I am not okay with how these animals are living… Are YOU? 


Sadly, Dyvig’s Pet Shoppe also buys their small animals from a large supplier of small animals.  Yes, there are small animal (and cat) mills too


How can you help?


Call or stop in!

(515)233-5625 If you feel strongly enough (and are brave enough), contact him this way. Ask him directly about the puppies and the welfare of the  parent dogs.  We do not want to see a local business close down, instead we want the owner to choose a more humane business model by  either not selling puppies at all, or choosing to help shelter dogs instead! 

Visit us on Saturdays! 

A small group of us stands in front of the store every Saturday morning (the time varies) and Sunday afternoons , educating the citizens of Ames about the pet store/puppy mill connection. Whether you join us for the full two hours or just stop by to show you support, we would love to see you! You can find out when we are at the store, through our facebook page! 


Don’t give your business to pet stores that sell puppies and kitties. Pet overpopulation is a terrible problem in our country and only the consumers can help change that. If you are looking for a new pet PLEASE visit your local shelter. Over 35% of dogs in shelters are purebred, they are just overlooked. If you can’t find what you are looking for at your local shelter, please try www.petfinder.com It is a tremendously helpful site! You can search for ANY BREED anywhere. Don’t breed or buy while homeless pets die! 



Don’t forget to like us on Facebook  and help spread the word! 

“A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead



Actual Dogs Sold from Dyvigs <—-> The “Sundowner Buildings” that the mill owners refer to as “honeymoon suites” There were three of these in one building at the mill.

28 thoughts on “Dyvig’s Pet Shoppe, Ames, Iowa

  1. Thank you for this report. I will share it with others. I found the text somewhat difficult to read as the lettering is dark as is the background. Thank you for the effort you have made on behalf of the poor dogs who are forced to breed in puppy mills in horrible conditions. We must save them all!

  2. I must say I am disappointed in your report. I know for a fact this breeder has had dachshunds because I myself have gotten one there. I understand you may have strong opinions but spreading wrong information to get people on your side is not the way to do it. Also it would help if you put actual pictures of the breeder up not some random ones you found from google. Thank you.

  3. I am sorry, Rachel. But I have been on their property and they do not have dachshunds at this time and haven’t since I have known about them. So right now, when Dyvigs is getting dachsunds in, they are not coming from the dogs in the mill. The mill itself is a broker as well, so they can buy puppies from other breeders to resell. The information that I have put out there is what I have learned first hand AND I said that many times….

    This blog is my opinion and I am very proud to say that many people are googling Dyvigs Pet Shoppe, reading this blog, and then sending me personal emails thanking me. If I can stop one person from shopping there (which I have) then I have done my job. The pictures that I have up are “random pictures” from examples here in Iowa, but I am very clear in stating that. I could put pictures up from their “Honeymoon Suites” or their showcase dogs up front, but, to legally protect myself, I didn’t. Any couple that has 300 and some odd dogs on their property AND sells to a pet store is considered a puppy mill. Not to mention the only have 3 workers, in no world is that enough to care for all of those dogs adequately.

    Lastly, I didn’t even name the breeder in my blog, so obviously you aren’t a customer, as you claim random @ hotmail.com :/ Nice try though

  4. Thank you for your dedication! The mill Dyvig’s gets their puppies from looks so innocent in their ONE picture of their operation on their web site, but we never get to see the actual places where the breeders are kept. It just boggles my mind when people argue about how the puppies need a home too, so why not buy them in a pet shop. If only they would stop and think about the poor mothers and fathers that these puppies come from. And that they never get to run free and be what a dog should be!

    It is NOT possible to have a ‘kennel’ of that magnitude and have happy breeding dogs, let alone the backyard breeders.

    Absolutely I believe you. I’ve seen them. They are hideous. My dachsund is a rescue from a horrible puppy mill in Missouri. She was kept in a dilapidated chicken shed with 47 other dachsunds, in cages that were wired shut. No heat. No air. Out in the sticks high on a bluff in Missouri with junk and debris scattered about.

    These people don’t care about dogs. They want a quick buck at little to no cost to themselves. – Nancy

  5. [QUOTE] They did make me wait a week though, because the owner said, AND I QUOTE, “She needs to be let out of her cage for a few days, so she can learn how to be a real dog.” LEARN HOW TO BE A REAL DOG?! That is just shameful…. [END QUOTE]

    Horifying is the word that come to my mind!!!

  6. I really hope that isn’t the case. But the point of this is to get people to stop buying dogs from these awful mills. So if there is no market, there is no need for dogs to be tortured. As of right now there are 23,000 adult dogs that are suffering in places like these and over 300 hundred in this one mill. When people finally open their eyes and see the awful things that are going on in our own backyards, they will either choose to adopt or go to responsible breeders, as opposed to throwing money at people like this.

  7. Your a moron, not a reporter. I have been in Dyvig’s many times and seen how the owner and staff care for the animals and I am more than impressed with the store. If you dont like it – dont go there? I hope the store owner sues you for slander. Hope you do better research when you are looking for a good attorney!

  8. I never said a bad word about the store, besides the fact that they sell dogs and cats. I never even claimed to be a reporter, just a person who is concerned with the welfare of the adult dogs that are producing these puppies. The owner could easily stop selling these puppies and still have a great store, but there is a lot of profit in the business of hocking dogs. Thus why it is such a problem in this state… And before calling someone a moron, you should really check your spelling. You should have used “You’re” not “Your”, while insulting me. And, technically, I would be sued for libel, not slander.

  9. I must say that I, too, have talked to Dyvigs about where he gets his puppies. He admitted that the dogs were from “a large scale breeding facility” and he didn’t seem happy about admitting that. If nothing else, people should be aware of the fact that these puppies aren’t coming from wholesome family breeders. Thank you for writing this post. It is great to see that someone is as passionate about these pet stores as I am. I am not in Ames, but there are pet stores that sell puppies in my town too! And we make sure to ask and ask again about the “farm” in which these puppies are born. The public has the right to make an informed decision, and with the store telling them that all of the dogs get to run by the pond (when that isn’t the case), blogs like this have to exist! Thank you again for writing this! I look forward to more of your stories!

  10. Just called Dale Dyvig to ask about puppies. He’s telling folks they are coming from a good kennel “in the Waterloo area” and they are also expecting some Dachunds in shortly. Currently they have a King Charles Cav and a Cava-tzu in the store…

  11. I always love anonymous posters…so brave. Anyhow, Mindi is correct…he has and will continue to have a great store, but his selling puppy mill puppies overshadows all that greatness. His continuing to sell puppy mill puppies is what will ultimately hurt his business, as more and more consumers understand the connection between puppies (and kittens) in pet stores and the breeding parents left behind in unfortunate conditions. Mr. Dyvig could be a hero in his community by ending puppy sales and partnering with adoption and rescue groups…is his choice. Seems like a pretty obvious one to make.

  12. I just came across this page because I was searching for “Dyvig’s Third Anniversary Sale”… I am glad I did. Thank you for writing this. I will be sure to never shop there

  13. I have made multiple comments on other websites telling others NOT to ever shop here. i am a dog breeder myself and do everything in my power to make sure my dogs are happy and healthy. it is an easier process to adopt a child than it is to get a dog from me. not only does this asshole sell puppies from a puppy mill, he sells expired animal food, has sick reptiles, and sells his dog food samples rather than giving them away like he should. i will be writing him a letter and handing it to him in person stating that i will never shop at his store and i am telling others to do the same. i am also getting a petition going of people who are boycotting his store because he has such deplorable ‘morals’.

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  16. I am very glad to hear that! I strongly suggest that people visit the breeders before they purchase their pet. Not all breeders are bad, but the ones that won’t show you where the dogs live are very sketchy. I suggest that when you go, don’t make an appointment and ask to see the Honeymoon Suites. That is where most of the dogs are kept.

  17. why dont we get together and be super pro active and set up an agreement or program with the individual shoppes and local rescues? If we can limits mills sales and turn serious breeding back to mom and pop type establishments and not big business?

  18. and the poor baby ferrets…..bring me to tears…marshall farms the biggest mill in the nation for ferrets and beagles supply most pet shops and animals formedical testing. that is where Dyvigs, earl may and the ark get their ferrets. and the only shelter in town won’t take them.

  19. Anonymous writes: “Even if they come from mills, mill puppies still need love too. Just as much as shelter dogs.”

    If you buy a puppy because you think you are “rescusing it” from a crappy life in a pet store, remember that the money you pay that pet store simply goes back into the horriffic puppy mill cycle, and you have just handsomely “rewarded” all involved…the breeder, the broker and the retailer. As long as there’s profit to be made, there will be puppy mills. Take your money and adopt a wonderful pet from a shelter or rescue group. You will spend less and you’ll feel great knowing that you have saved a life and have sent a powerful message to the pet trade industry. Consumers have the ultimate power to change this!

  20. Weird…the puppies in the store don’t seem to be unhappy in any… I guess that’s because they’re dogs. Thanks for the heads-up, ya PETA psycho. Dogs are dogs, not people. Their brains are tiny and, ipso facto, they could generally give a crap if they’re running in a field, enclosure, by a lake, or near a kiddie pool; with other dogs; getting petted all the time…they’re just dogs. Go spend your time attending to the needs of creatures that need and deserve it, like defenseless neglected and abused children.

  21. To Ferdinandina… What I never understand is why someone with your opinion would even be looking at a blog like this… You are entitled to what you think. But, when a person chooses to tear down a cause and insert what THEY think we should be doing, it is disturbing… I sincerely hope that you, Ferinandina, are attending to the abused and neglected creatures you feel we should be… Otherwise, what is the point of your comment. We chose to spend our time like this and hope that you are helping with the causes you feel need your help.

  22. I’m not sure what Ferdinandina is trying to say in the first sentence. If he/she is reading this, can you clarify please?

  23. You rock. Keep up the great work. I know that what you say is true, I’ve seen it first hand. Never give up never backdown. Truth needs to be told.

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